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Skypark Car Park

Skypark Car Park

Kiernan May
April 12, 2017
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Skypark is located within an active commercial town centre in Canberra, Australia. The project contains an 850 space multi-level car park and 4,000 m² of commercial development with frontage to two separate streets.
The client and building owner’s vision was to build a ‘place’ where people could go to have good coffee, good food, perhaps tapas and wine after the workday, exercise in a state of the art double-height gym and visit markets on the weekend.

The car park screen is a swirling sea remembering the voyage of the First Fleet to Australia that sponsored the name of the suburb of Phillip and its buildings.

When tasked with photographing this project, it was essential to try and capture this "oceanic" feeling by using strong blues and whites in the photos as well as ensuring during the shoot that there were always crisp blue skies.

The process to capture these photos is pretty simple. Images were taken on a standard DSLR with both a 17mm and 24mm Tilt Shift lens combination. All processing was completed in Lightroom but some time had to be spent in Photoshop to remove distracting roadwork signage and traffic cones.

One of the main challenges of photographing this project was waiting on a combination of perfect weather, nearby roadworks to be complete and for the right time of the year in terms of the Sun's angle.

Before shooting I had used an app on Android called Photo Tools which really helped in calculating what the sunlight would be doing. Making sure that any shadows would not be falling on the building itself was key.

I hope the photos have brought some justice as to how light and spacious the building appears to be in real life when walking through it.

Kiernan May

Canberra based Photographer and Illustrator specialising in Architecture.

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