Hi guys, these are some of my latest personal work. I created these images to practice on the inclusion of 3D content in real photographs. I have always been fascinated by the architecture of skyscrapers and the main goal for one of this works was to find the right balance between the “blue light” mood in the 3d model and the blue light of the background photo.

The inspiration and the idea came from my passion about this kind of building. As you can see the 3d part of the modeling was very simple because i was focused on the part of postproduction that was the most important to achieve the goal. Usually in my works i insert people in postproduction but in this case i prefer to use 3d people directly in the scene in order to have proper internal illumination on them.

I used 3ds Max for the modeling, the scene was rendered with Vray and the postproduction was made in Photoshop; for the “daylight” images i used a little bit of After Effects. Usually I used in my 3d scene a lot of plugin according to the type of project but, in this case, i used only the Render Mask tool in order to have one mask for every object and better manage the work in post production.

This project gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and to create an image with one of my favorite mood. From my point of view, the “mood” of an image has the same importance of the building architecture, especially in cases like this where the architecture is very simple; I think that this project was a good workout for me. Any advice and comment will be appreciated, thanks for watching!

Alessandro Grasso