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Weihan He
November 14, 2018
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To preserve fresh cut flowers, we need to cut off part of the root every few days to keep the flowers hydrated. When we have clothes with overlong sleeves, we often roll it up to reveal our wrists. Given by the idea, I use silica gel to design a vase in the shape of cuff, letting users unconsciously associate rolling sleeves with flower trimming. The vase can be folded to different height for shorter and shorter flower stems, which better meets people's daily needs of cutting root.

We give flowers and pruning, the flowers will become more and more short, the ratio between the flowers and vase will be disorder, so after a period of time in the clip, we will move to shorter the vase. The length of the different varieties of flowers, they also difference is very big, so we also need to use different flower vase.

I studied the shirt cuff morphological characteristics, and find some can fold structure were studied. On the material I chose to use silica gel as materials, because of silica gel has good plasticity, and soft hard controllable, the price is low, waterproof.It is able to express what I want.In order to let the vase focus more steady, I in the vase inside a support, at the same time in order to make the bottle mouth opening and closing more convenient, I use a magnet to make cufflinks are part of the vase.

Materials have more possibilities. Life need to have experience in order to be complete, flower also need sense of ritual. I want to be able to pass a little change, let the flowers become comfortable at the same time also can meet the needs of the people to pursue a better life experience. Design comes from the little drops of life. Designers’ work is to find what should be but has not yet appeared and present that to people. From the inspiration of each design to the completion, a designer should keep thinking to himself, ensuring the best result in final design.

Weihan He

2017 Red Star Design Award,
2017 Spark Award-Silver,
2018 IDEA Award-Final,
2018 K-Design Award
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