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35 sqm Small Apartment

35 sqm Small Apartment

Nikita Chastukhin
November 26, 2018
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It's just a design skill training. I'm trying to improve my portfolio and develop my creative talent. I am interested in creating interiors. I watch many works by other authors and look for my style. I try to experiment. Very often I take good ideas from others and recycle them for my work.

My friend told me, train in small apartments. I did it, this apartment is very small only 35 meters. I do not think about the style, I listen to my mind, and go with it to the touch. I love white color and wood. Simple parquet and white painted walls are a good combination. I tried to make everything simple.

I used max and vray. I do not do sketches, I see the result in the mind. I model many in max, experimenting with form. First I make the walls, then I add geometry and furniture. At the end of the texture.

Each one is very different. Someone loves and praises. Someone says that is very bad. I realized that there is no need for conventions, creative thinking is a country without roads, there is no right way. You need to listen to yourself and believe it. But life develops so that a creative person is often not free, this is work and many other opinions need to be taken into account. Reasonable balance is important.

creative thinking is a country without roads, there is no right way
I am very sorry for my English

Nikita Chastukhin

design punk and good genius

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