Small Beach Apartment by José Tiago Rosa & Nuno Tavares

José Tiago Rosa in partnership with Nuno Tavares’s project consists the transformation of a 50sqm apartment on the Laggon of Mira Beach for a temporary use. A common space of living room and kitchen define the main space of the apartment. Two small bedrooms, a bathroom, a small pantry/technical area and a terrace facing the lagoon, set the apartment’s program. The intervention seeks above all to renew the existing spaces, remaining as main focus its clarity and simplicity.

To this end, we use the white color. In its spatial organization, we tried to always maintain the visual contact with the lagoon.
– José Tiago Rosa

The challenge started with the client’s proposal for us to do the entire renovation of the apartment. Our main focus is always to pursue clarity and simplicity in our projects. Bright Colors and simple ambients is our goal. The neutral color palette is fundamental in every single space. The style aims to be as modern and simple as possible.

– José Tiago Rosa

We started with the basics. We designed the floorplans and started with some sketches. Then with add some inputs to the project by having a strong discussion with the client. We always do some physical models and 3d models. We use, cad software and sketchup+vray for the photorealistic 3d renders so the client can understand the possible final result.

– José Tiago Rosa

Our clients and social media followers are responding very well to our project. Since the day we published some 3d Renderings, people started to talk about it and discuss some of the apartment’s features. We started the construction a few weeks ago. So, soon it will be a reality!

– José Tiago Rosa

About José Tiago Rosa & Nuno Tavares

José Tiago Rosa.
Born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1983. Has a Integrated Master’s in Architecture from the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra. In 2009, starts his activity as Intern Architect at Studio AQBR – ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING, in the city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Currently develops projects of Architecture and Design in different work areas: Housing, Offices, Clinics, Remodeling, Renovation, Furniture, among others. His field of action is developed in coordination with the different specialties, covering all stages of a project, from design to execution.

Nuno Tavares

Born in Coimbra in 1982. Studied architecture between 2005 and 2011 in the ARCA-EUAC (University School of Arts in Coimbra) and UL FA (University of Ljubljana), where completed the master’s degree.Worked in 2012 in CMC (Coimbra City Hall), in Department of Housing and in 2013 moved to S.Paulo (Brazil), where worked for Plarq. In 2013-2014 held a Graduate in Communication and Image at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo (Brazil). In 2015 back to Coimbra has developed architectural projects and image production.