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Small House

Small House

Thanhchuong le
December 22, 2016

"Small house" is one of my work in 2016. It is a home built in Da Nang Vietnam. This project was built and is scheduled for completion in 2016. This is an urgent project in my year and I have to race against time - homes are designed with the purpose of business and family apartments. The house building area is quite small an area of ​​100m2.

I like modern and simple, so I chose modernism as criteria for my design. I use repetitive rhythm to apply to work. I want the house to be as simple as possible since these homes are designed with business purposes, which combines life - it is divided into two parts: three downstairs is business the rest are family apartments. I usually take the white as the main colors most of my work and this is no exception.

I used to work: 3dmax - Model, Corona made - visualization, Photoshop - post processing sketchup up almost all models, then turn over 3dsmax continue building the remaining models. I used vray sky as environment and take time to select the camera angle like that. I want to display objects almost entirely in the frame, I use simple materials and limiting the shortest time rendering. Photoshop is the last step before bringing customers and complete the project.

A job or a project that is formed from the process of researching and working for many hours ... it is successful or not, depending on many factors. I think, when you work in a responsible and inspiration is a success, mixed opinions or praise something valuable lessons for my job later.

I hope you like it and help get the job you get the idea

thanhchuong le

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