Small People: Big Places by Ben Blennerhassett

Nowadays, taking a selfie and focusing mainly on the angles where human faces almost fill the whole photo is very popular. But, in this photo set, from the title itself, our artist captured bigger chunks of the landscape or the background instead of just a face and made a difference in the trend. Read on and be amazed!

The project is actually a collection of personal photos I have taken on an everyday basis whether it has been while travelling the world or her in my home town. I began to start notice a strong theme (small people in big places) in a lot of my photos so I thought this would make a nice collections of photos together.

– Ben Blennerhassett





The photos in this collection span back about 3 years – the majority of them are from a trip around America I did in early 2015, and a 4 month trip around Europe I did solo in the middle of 2014.

– Ben Blennerhassett





This style of photos for me began as an aesthetic choice, I naturally gravitated towards ‘big’ wide open, tall, vast landscapes. I love the contrast between such a small object in a vast location.

– Ben Blennerhassett




It’s humbling but also inspiring to occasionally be reminded of how small we are as beings in comparison to our landscapes.
– Ben Blennerhassett





I began noticing a trend in my photography, wondering why I naturally gravitated towards this minimal style of photography.
– Ben Blennerhassett








All these photos have been taken on either a Canon 5D MK III or a Fujifilm x100 with a variety of lenses. I edit in Adobe camera raw and Photoshop.

– Ben Blennerhassett


Ben Blennerhassett is a Designer, Photographer and Aspiring Filmmaker. He has traveled around Europe, The US and Asia. He graduated Graphic Design in Victoria, Australia. Since then he has been freelancing with all things creative. Whilst Graphic Design is his main profession, he does a lot of creative works with Photography and Film. In 2010, he won in a short film festival and was later employed by an Ad Agency in Bendigo working as a Videographer. Working with cameras has become his strongest skill. It allows him to see the world in a more creative and exciting way, which reflects in his designs.

See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.