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Small studio - Interior design

Small studio - Interior design

Frosina Madzovska
September 19, 2019

With this challenging project we are supposed to get functional solution for small space. The space is designed for a young couple, who decided to use the working space or storage as a comfortable space for living. In 32 m2 there are living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room, while the bathroom is on the ground floor next to the stairs and originally was not planned in the project.

This project is in within the clients budget. The existing storage had concrete surface so we decided to keep the concrete wall in the living room. Because the clients had abundant amount of exposed and unused bricks, we added them to the interior and we got a completely new look. The kitchen is fairly small, with all the necessary equipment for normal function and a dining table made out of massive wood with metal legs. The fireplace and the rest of the space provide additional enjoyment.

The 3D model was constructed in Sketch up with additional edit's in Photoshop. The client's left all the work to the designer and trusted him to do the right thing. At first we were looking at functional solution and what the space could offer. This combination of green and yellow was decided by the client's.

The client's were satisfied with getting rationally used space and the desired interior was achieved. We accepted the challenge and we showed that even small spaces can be comfortable and function normal. Every interior needs to have a feeling like home.
Location: Shtip, Republic of Macedonia.

Frosina Madzovska

I create design solutions with a beautiful and pleasant interior, interiors that reflect the idea of ​​comfort and comfortable ambience.
Interiors that really feel like home.

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