Smart Gear

Smart Gear is a personal project I designed for my portfolio. It is a conceptual design of a tech-journalism blog / website. Since I am a tech enthusiast, I wanted to come up with a beautiful and clean, but colorful website, with content about tech gadgets, reviews and news.

For the name, I wanted to convey the meaning of what these gadgets do in our lives. That is where the “Gear” term comes in. These smart gears are the tools for our everyday tasks.

The look of the site had to be very minimalistic, clean and modern, representing how beautiful our technology and gadgets are.

I chose the cold colors that range from light blue to turquoise, as they are fresh and bright but don’t overpower the design so much in comparison to other color palettes.

For the structure of the web site, I started with the wireframes and then added the rest of the elements in illustrator. The rest of the pieces of the concept, such as the visual mockups and photography editing were done in Photoshop.

The most important parts of the website are links to every gadget’s article so the visual elements had to be very colorful. I took original manufacturer shots and added bright colored tones to the photographs to enhance their visibility and character.

As it is with most home pages the most important and latest content is displayed in the featured section on the top. The rest is divided into more specific sections such as reviews, galleries, videos and other news.

In the reviews section (which is the very essential part of every gadget site), I established different icons for every category, so that the readers could identify every one of them easily when they read the review.

The people who have seen it have told me they love how I used the color in the composition, and I am very satisfied with the result. Since this project is based on a personal interest i was inspired to create a beautiful website from beginning to end, and most importantly a website every tech enthusiast would love to visit.

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Luis Diego Alvarez Mora

Hello i am a graphic designer and work in advertising in Costa Rica. I am passionate about tech and geeky things.