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Smile Matters

Smile Matters

Deepali Agarwal
August 29, 2018
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I create this campaign for the Mothers Pride (Its a Daycare Play school for Kids), I elaborate in this campaign small but big things which is important for the parents and kids as well.

I showed in this campaign a different visual representation to small things under the captions, Smile Matters, Birthday Matters, Health Matters.

By this campaign I want to spread a thought that what matters for you as a parent we as a school take care of all and do effort to make your child comfortable and happy.

For the Idea I just come-up with different visual representation to denote the Idea behind that.

I use lines to build the character in other words I choose line to give final look for the character which denotes that we do effort to make them smile, we do effort to make them healthy, we do effort to make their Birthday Special.

I choose pen and paper to create this and to give final touch I use Ai and PS.

First I draw all these on textured paper and then I start filling these via pen and after that I scan all these paper work than go to photoshop and edit these and fill the color as well where I want, after that I gave some texture (noise) around the character. After finishing all this I used Illustrator to finish this.

People appreciate the art of this campaign and they love the subtle color. They also love the idea how I give depth to the campaign and they appreciating the simplicity of the campaign and the most appreciated visual of this series of the campaign is the Smile Matters.

Deepali Agarwal

I love to experiment with shapes and that is what defines me as a designer. I have a clear perspective and clearer ideas which I replicate in my art. As an artist, I want to be known for the kind of work I do and wish to do in the future. Personally, I am very vocal about my views and I believe in putting my heart and soul into my work.

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