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Smirnoff Black Packaging Design

Smirnoff Black Packaging Design

Sonali Agle
June 2, 2021
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Smirnoff Black label, the premium version of their brand is pot-distilled and filtered through 7 tons of charcoal. Purity is at its best for this vodka.

For this conceptual project, I have redesigned the packaging of Smirnoff Black as well as the label, giving it a sleek and a minimalist look which speaks for the class of the brand. Various mediums of products are explored over here which shapes a whole new future for the manufacturing of the label and making the brand available to a mass number of consumers.

When I first laid my eyes on this bottle in a shop, it didn't have any packaging to it, it was lying on a shelves and I was in shock that how can a beautiful bottle like this have no packaging at all?!
Hence, I thought to myself what if I was presented with an opportunity to redesign would I go about it? What would be my take on it?
That's how I came up with the concept of redesigning it.

I started off sketching a few ideas regarding how would I want to go about it but I was quite firm with the colours I was using, I decided to go with the original colours of the label only as the audiences resonated with that earlier and I didn't wanted to change that.
I primarily used adobe illustrator and photoshop to create the graphics on the bottle then rendered it on adobe dimension.

I wanted to keep the graphics minimal, yet traditional.Hence, the patterns on the packaging are inspired from the Russian folk art, hence sticking to the roots of the origin of Vodka. The sleek look of this brand will attract the eye of the customers.

I got a lot of positive feedback on this project, it was one of the most liked projects by my audiences. It has been featured in the 'Packaging of the world', 'Dieline community' as well as the 'Favourite Design Book'

This is a conceptual project. However, it is my dream to pitch it to the original makers of the brand!

Sonali Agle

I am Sonali Agle and currently I’m completing my Bachelors in Visual Communications from UID.I feel a person’s style of work speaks on the behalf of the person itself.I believe in learning and experimenting, it keeps me going in this field. Apart from showing off my artsy skills, I have always been successful in singing the wrong lyrics, laughing at the wrong moments and perennially being late on most occasions. I’m an ambivert with an extra dose of introvert, the Mumbaikar in me says a lot about my personality.

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