Snack Pattern

I was working on the design of a social media that involved the theme “Hamburger” and I ended up finding stylized illustrations that sparked my interest. First step was to search for references, not only of the theme, but mainly of the style that I tried to draw (it was something more “cute”). I did a very quick sketch using pencil and paper and then did the scan. After that, I vectorized the 3 elements that make up the scene and then organized it as a “pattern”.

While developing a social media design with a theme involving “hamburger” I started to come across illustrations that made me want to move on to a more “playful” and personal line without any commitment with a perfect result. I used colors that could contrast with each other and details that made the illustration more stylized.

I basically used a paper to sketch my idea and then everything was done in Illustrator, vectorizing each element and composing a scene at the end that would create a pattern and maybe in the future be used in a print of clothes or even objects as I illustrated in the final mockup scene in Photoshop .


I’m in the process of learning, this is my first work with vectorization working with patterns and I can say that I loved doing that.
I learned a lot about how to use the dreaded pens that seem to go crazy with curves. So far I have had no comments on this work, I hope you like it!

Thiago Conti

An eternal piscean from Brazil, one who lives in the world of the moon, full of ideas!

Graduated in Fashion Design by FMU and aspiring to 3D and 2D design. I’m a character designer and environments in the 3D universe.

In the 2D universe, I work as a social media design and vector illustrations.

I am completely in love with art!