Snake Alphabet – Typography Animation

Snake Alphabet is part of a series of animated typographies I have created for motion designers. This is a personal project which has become commercial. The idea is to use this type for titles, trailers, openers. I noticed that a number of motion designers needed creative typography in their video project but often They do not have the time to build each tailor-made letters, it’s a hard and long work. That is why I help them to save time.

I love typography, especially minimal typographies that I prefer because they are more visually effective. It is by doing graphic watch that I found “Comforta” font, a rounded typography. I immediately wanted to animate it. The choice of colors was found on colourlovers website.

I primarily use Illustrator to decompose and experiment on font structure. Then, I imported vector elements of caracters in After Effects to begin animation. The principle is to play with rounded shapes. So I have created animation on lines that could turn infinitely in loop. The various lines and points help to understand the entire caracters without to see totally them.

I have created a behance page to present this project and didn’t expect to have as much positive feedback. This project allowed me to develop other animated typography for creative people and continuing to improve my skill in motion design.

If you are interested by Snake Alphabet, you can buy it here :

Camille Moine

Hello. I’m Camile Moine, a freelance motion graphics designer, illustrator and animator based in France.

My work is lead by font animation and narrative. I create motion graphics and animation for broadcast and corporate content.

I have been good at math and art history since my childhood, studying and obtaining a diploma in Graphic Design. After working in that field for a couple of years in animation studios, I decided to learn design on my own and have been working as a freelance Motion Designer since July 2010.