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Soft modern

Kateryna Prokhasko
August 18, 2022
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Type: Apartment / Interior design
Location: Lviv, Greenville Park
Project area: 69 sq.m
Timeline: December 2021
Status: In progress
Architect: Kateryna Prokhasko

White colour, the colour of endless space in the suprematist paintings, has evolved in the interior, creating a geometric volume of the whole space. It is self-sufficient and also is a background for the interior’s main elements – geometric dominating splashes

The main idea of suprematism (from Latin “supremes” – highest) is based on the superiority of pure geometry and colour over the existing perception of forms and space. Thus, this interior is a white background for the linear geometric lines, consisting of simple geometry planes, connecting in the three-dimensional monumental compositions

Inspired by suprematism, I aimed to create the three-dimensional installation, the interior, that is submerging one’s into the world of endless white space, colour and geometry

Software: 3dMax2021, CoronaRenderer, AdobePhotoshop

The project reflects the customers' characters. For me, it is very valuable when the customer comes consciously to my style when it is close to him emotionally, it is in this tandem that harmonious projects are born

Kateryna Prokhasko

Architect, interior & exterior designer, 3D artist, painter

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