Solar System by Javier Miranda Nieto

The Solar System Project was created both as a way to practice animation and for the artist’s passion in the cosmos and the sky. Our solar system consists of the sun – our star – eight planets and their natural satellites is illustrated in this project in a minimalist way. Simple but a compelling idea of representing something so vast.

I just love the sky and all the cosmos. When I was young I used to pass all the nights in my house roof just watching stars and listening music. When I can, I never miss the chance to tell someone some fact or crazy things about the sky.

– Javier Miranda Nieto

I wanted to do an animated infographics but I did not know what to do. So my girlfriend (who is also a designer and a motionographer) said to me, “Why don’t you do something about the sky?” I made some quick hand drawn sketches. Then I design and illustrate everything on Adobe Illustrator, After Effects to make all the animations and at last, Photoshop to convert all gifs.

– Javier Miranda Nieto

It took me like three days to design and illustrate it. And like one week for animating. The project was for practice purposes. I couldn’t study graphic design, for economic matters. So, I am all the time practicing and learning new things. I am fortunate to work for what I like, together with my girlfriend who also does design and animation.

– Javier Miranda Nieto


See the whole project here.


Javier Miranda Nieto is an Animator and Graphic Designer from Argentina. He loves photography and has worked several years in the field. He spends most of his time doing a mix of drawing, design, illustration, animation, and learning new tools to improve his work. He also loves to take long walks taking photos of sunsets while listening to music. He is in pursuit of all reflections. A Motionographer and a little more. He is the co-founder of DISEÑO and FOTOGRAFÍA, both are Google communities with more than 78,000 members, completely dedicated to all the areas of Design and Photography.

See more of his artworks in Behance and Tumblr.