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SOLIPIWKO Baltic Abyss

SOLIPIWKO Baltic Abyss

February 28, 2017

Special edition brew packaging for Imperial Baltic Porter Barrel Aged from Solipwko craft brewery (Poland). Project was inspired by Baltic Sea and dark forces hidden deep down in the water. We try to design this project as minimalistic as we can so the illustration can easily attract attention of customers.

We've designed and illustrate this packaging project in close relation to base Solipiwko's labels design made before. We carefully choose deep dark blue color and lighter tints for illustration and typography to keep everything in sea-related mood. What stuck in our minds were phrases like: dangerous, deep sea, pirates of north seas, abyss, skull, underwater monsters.

We start with pencil drawing and finish with vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator. For almost every phase of the project we try to keep illustration as a background element but in strong relation with typography and graphic design. Primary idea became clearer when we get final illustration and started to put everything together.

Craft beer fans were very enthusiastic about this project. It's was very small batch of beer (10000 bottles and spox. 15 kegs) but Solipiwko brewery quickly decided to brew another batch after premiere of this beer. Great success of this packaging design we can describe as an effect of good balance between design, premium quality product and decent price for polish craft beer market.

Solipiwko Brewery tooks it's name by owner's surname which means in polish "the guy who salted beer"


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