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Some of My Logo Designs

Some of My Logo Designs

Ahmet Yiğit Doğan
January 14, 2020
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Some logos I designed for university events and organizations. "Compec" is an IT Club at Istanbul - Boğaziçi University. "PR" is one of six sub-committees of Compec, and "CampUs" is an event, which is organized by student clubs from many different cities in Turkey, including Compec.

I took inspiration from an album art (Buray - Sahiden) and have choosen the colors #94D2D1 and #E8AD9A for the gradient of "P&R" logo. The concept of the "CampUs" logo was the first thing I thought, when I had to design a logo for a camp-like event. The logo I designed for "Compec" (the student club which I work for) came into my mind, when I search for some baseball team logos.

I used Adobe Illustrator. I've first drawn some ellipses and their tangents, than used shape builder tool for "P&R" logo. While creating "CampUs" logo, first off I've choosen a font, after that I added some stroke and switched the second letter with a tent figure. Finally I made some changes in fill colors to emphasize "Us".

Generally they liked my work. I learnt that simplicity is an advantage for any logo, since it is possible to manipulate it easily. To examplify, the logo I designed for the event "CampUs" is monochromatic an can be used in many different contexts by changing its color.

Feel free to steal colors and concepts from the designs you like :P

Ahmet Yiğit Doğan

I am an engineering student from Turkey who is also interested in graphic design, video production and social media.

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