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Sonora Project (Work in Progress)

Sonora Project (Work in Progress)

Matheus Mari
July 16, 2017
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The Sonora Project was raised for academic work, but to be extensive to develop the design of service, was deprecated by the group.

Instead, to go to the drawer, Sonora, a project was born of the desire to join music lovers and encourage the people to create new bands, it became my design project, where use new techniques and concepts.

Like the humans, that learn and develop yourself forever, the Sonora will develop with me.

The colors used at Sonora were choices thinking about a universe that existed before 2000's. When everywhere gets up a new band, with a new sound, like bubbles drifting through the wind, with their own wills.

And the shapes were developed thinking how to join the nostalgic universe, with the today, with the now.

For this project I sketched, using paper and pen, this way is the more to see the shapes with a more natural way.

After this part, I made the logo, visual ID and digital concepts using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The most important part of the process was the test using a real smartphone when I could see how this project work.

Time after time, I come see and improve the Sonora Project.

Leave your feedback on the comments make you a co-author of Sonora because if you help me to improve it, this project is a little bit of you.

Thanks and welcome.

Matheus Mari

Matheus Mari lives in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. Lover of great design, works between UI design and other different fields and is a branding specialist.

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