South West (France)

I discovered the region in 1999 with my twin brother. In the evening. I will never be able to forget the sound on the waves through pine trees when approaching. After half an hour pedaling a bike through the forest of The Landes, that vision: the Ocean. As far as our eyes can see (the right and the left alike). It was love at first sight!
And unfortunately, we had no camera with us.
That was when we decided to returning in the future to attempt to capture the moment.

An opportunity has arisen in 2008 and since then we go there frequently.
I like the lifestyle that South West has to offer.
I’ve always loved the fall. I love its desert-like zones. I love to feel alone in this magnificent landscape.

I try to capture the light, the ‘feel’ of this place rather than a ‘real photo’ image of it.
The morning lights are beautifull as always. The color palette was defined by nature. I used all natural lighting.
In the evening, it’s equally magic.
I do not understand why they are leaving the beach at this time. It’s the most beautiful part of the day!

I liked being there at the time when they are all gone. I feel good in nature, alone with my camera, feeling the energy of mother earth.

I traveled with one full frame camera body and different lenses (24mm, 50mm, 200mm)
It’s particularly ominous because as I’m working under tough conditions (wind, sand, salt water, etc.).
I processed the images in Lightroom. Just basic editing (contrast, sharpness) and that’s it.
I crop the image to get the format I prefer (16:9).

People are very enthusiast about my project and follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.
I have a few possibilities of exhibition.
At the beach, people come at me and questioned me. I like it. It motivates me to continue.

Do not copy tutorials from the web. Learn from them and then do your own thing. Develop your own style.

I wish to thank you for this opportunity.
And for all the readers, thanks for your time!
Live your passion!

Christophe Delarsille

Christophe Delarsille is a Brussels based (Belgium) Art Director sharing his time between home and the beaches of The Landes (France). He is also Photgrapher specialized in Surf Photography using all natural lighting. He’s always trying new things. You may have seen his pictures on Instagram @chde_eu