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Shaimaa jabr
October 14, 2019
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For its third edition: Amman design week 2019, it invites the creation of scenarios and storytelling by the designers through the act of making. So the main theme was "possibilities".
The lighting ( shade and shadow), texture, pattern, and mood of the pieces got me feeling like travel to "space" while I am at my place.

I visited the exhibition with my sister and cousin at night where I believe it was perfect time, which allows the space mood to be functional. I used to take photos for everything get inspired me, just to enter the room the hanging coins caught my eye. They were like floating planets or particles in infinity space.
The diversity and abstraction in shades of colours, textures, and shadows allows the silver-tone camera theme to appear in the right mood for space.

I have used my 8 plus iPhone in silver-tone mood. The photos were a mix between a normal photo option and the portrait (natural light) option. All the shoots lighting were depending on the existing lighting even the outdoor ones. No edit at all, it's more natural, for me I love to keep it simple.

while I was taking the photos people were impressed by how the same pieces they were looking at, looks different in the camera. After I back home, I have posted them on my personal Instagram page and I got a lot of encouraging replies.
This project taught me, that everyone in this world has his own vision and the possibilities are infinite.

My dream, when I was a kid to become an astronaut and this project took me further away than that. I have to admit that I love black and white shoots after this one.

shaimaa jabr

An Architect with the passion for details and beauty. Capture normal things and normal life with my own vision story.

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