Spaceman Sergey Ryazanskiy by Ilya Nodia

Spaceman Sergey Ryazanskiy is a project about a historic cosmonaut from Russia. Our artist, Ilya, loves to capture photos of people who interests him. And without a doubt, this set is a work of art. Read on and get to know Russian Cosmonaut, Sergey. Enjoy!

This project is actually only one photo-session of large project about people. This project has no name, it’s more like my hobby.
– Ilya Nodia


When traveling in different countries, I’m trying to looking for interesting people around me and make a beautiful portraits of them, and then writing posts in my blog and Facebook. Most often, they are stories about interesting people, their lives or their work.

In Russia, I’m looking for people with interesting stories purposely. Sergey – is one of those heroes. His story struck me. He had to break the many conservative rules of space program, a lot to learn and pass 100 exams to become the first astronaut in Russia without the higher technical education (he is a Biologist). So, it is really an incredible feeling – to communicate and work with a man who has spent six months in orbit for one flight. By the way, he knows a lot about astro-photography

Here is his Facebook page with pictures from the orbit. Check this link.

– Ilya Nodia


How long it took you to complete the project.
Oh, it was a very fast session – only 2 days to prepare, shoot and assemble the final images. I work very quickly, but i trying to have a good quality.


Many of my friends know about my hobby (to look for people and write stories about them). One of my buddy works in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. He introduced me to Sergei. Hopefully soon I will continue this series about astronauts.

– Ilya Nodia


I used Adobe Lightroom to work with RAW, Adobe Photoshop for montage and post-production. I’m not using a stock images or something like this. Now I’m just starting to work with 3D Max, Cinema 4d and zBrush, but this is my next step.

– Ilya Nodia


My good friend once said to me – you can spend days dreaming about the new features, but nothing will come of it, until you get up to the sofa. Since then, I live with this advice and shooting almost every day, to receive new knowledge and get practice. By the way, now I’m going to shoot another.

– Ilya Nodia


Ilya Nodia is a commercial and advertising photographer in Moscow. I have been working in this direction for about 2 or 3 years. See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his Facebook.