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Spaceship by Willem van Boekhold

Spaceship by Willem van Boekhold

Honey Adraque
July 18, 2015
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Willem van Boekhold was an intern when he made this Spaceship project. He started from scratch and took some inspiration from "tiny worlds" by Rushes. Let us take a look in his designs and be inspired. Read on and enjoy!

I started working on the script and really wanted to implement a suprise element, also I love Science Fiction and had to add a touch of this in my production. When finalising the script I started on the storyboard and presented it to the art director at Mainframe. The moment I got the GO signal I realised this project was going to be a little bit more of a challange as expected.

- Willem van Boekhold




early stage_styleframe

To create the visual outcome I had in mind I had to step up my game and focus on learning how to UV unwrap/paint, how to sculp how to use Turbulence fd for smoke simulation and how to shoot my own full spherical HDR photo’s. I set up a schedule about what I had to learn and what I had to produce. I started watching Tutorials on and Digitaltutors, also I got a few books about lighting and photography. In total I spend 5 month on the project Spacechip. I have been focussing at least 2 months on learning how to uv unwrap and how to paint my own textures. Eventually I used: headus UV for UV unwrapping, Mudbox for painting all my textues and sculpting my models and PTgui for creating my HDR images and TurbulenceFD for my smoke simulations.

- Willem van Boekhold





9th of june 2015 I went back to Hyper Island to receive my diploma. I’m graduated now and planning on starting to work as a CGI artist in Amsterdam or at Mainframe in London. If interested in my work please visit my website: or contact me on [email protected]. One of my biggest learnings during this project is that you must not worry about all the things there are left to do, instead focus on the now and take it step by step. Eventually you will reach the finish line.

Softwares I used:
Maxon Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effects
Headus UV

- Willem van Boekhold

sculpting detail in mudbox

texturing_afting lightsetup


settings up lighting

About Willem van Boekhold

Willem van Boekhold was born in The Netherlands in the year 1991. He studied Interactive Media Design for 4 years where he learned everything about typography, color palletes, Adobe and the history of art. He has been learning Cinema 4D since the second year of his education and since then, he never stopped. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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