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SpaceX Rebranding

SpaceX Rebranding

Yuma Naito
July 2, 2016
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This is a rebranding project for a company called SpaceX. SpaceX is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company that manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Their ultimate goal is to make people to live on other planets. My goal was to create a new identity system and visual language for the company.

The new identity system is called “X-Planet System”. It is a flexible identity system that has true value and stories behind the company in a unique way. The overlapping shapes of the main mark represents connectivity, reliability and strength, also the stripes show speed, direction, exploration, and 7 continents on the Earth.

The secondary marks have their own meanings and work as product logos. In addition, the secondary symbols become new graphic icons as well, such as an arrow, a heart, and a rocket. Also I have created X-clover for the Luck in order to enhance the company's culture and stories. SpaceX will open a new identity launch party at California Science Center in Los Angeles. The campaign posters and installations are sequential which people can interact and have new experiences with the X-Planet system.

I designed with Adobe Creative Cloud and Processing. And for materials, I have used different kinds of paper, ink, and chromatech in order to maximize the true brand value. All the information about the new branding system is in SpaceX brand manual book. The manual is consist of 4 chapters, and has 86 pages. The chapters represent layers of air around the Earth(troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere). And Fun Fact about Space sections encourage people to learn about space and help creating emotional connections with readers. This book will come with style guild posters.

This project has had very positive reactions to this project. It seems people enjoy how the new branding system gives viewers new experiences with the symbols that have multiple stories and sequential/interactive design. Also I've had feedbacks on the use of materials and visual treatments that I introduced. Those help telling narratives and the brand value of SpaceX in a very interesting way.

Yuma Naito

Yuma Naito is a seeker of knowledge, challenges, and new experiences.
He is originally from Japan. He is currently a full-time graphic design student at ArtCenter College of Design, California.
Yuma works hard because He believes that great ideas and stories behind design are the key to communicate with people, and design is the best way for him to make a positive contributions to the world.

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