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Spazzfest 2016 Promo Package

Spazzfest 2016 Promo Package

Todd Cook
February 8, 2017
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A promo package for Spazzfest 2016, a multi-day music and arts festival in Greenville, North Carolina. This was for the 7th iteration of the festival, and I decided to give it a complete branding overhaul to give cohesiveness to the extremely eclectic D.I.Y venture and communal effort that is Spazzfest. The whole package consists of posters, social media images, magazine advertisements, wrist bands for the festival, event tickets and more.

I wanted something bright and vibrant for Spazzfest with lots of energy and with a fun logo that mirrors the multi-faceted "sum is greater that it's parts" nature of the event. It needed to be wild and engaging, but not obnoxious. Spazzfest has grown larger each year, and I wanted it to be all of the above, yet approachable to the ever-growing list of its benefactors and investors. My friend who promotes and organizes the festival each year hosts a smaller sister event in Raleigh, North Carolina each year called Spazzscotch, so I created visually similar logo for it as well as his promotion company to tie them together.

I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator mainly, but started with rough sketches on paper. I then moved to Illustrator and fleshed out the logo and overall look, with some photoshop work here and there to dirty up the line work some. That's pretty much the entire process!

Spazzfest 2016 ended up being a big success, and people responded positively to my work. My friend who promotes and organizes it was really pleased with the overall look and really likes the new logo, and even went as far to say he is considering getting a tattoo of it, since Spazzfest is his brainchild! As far as learning anything from this project, I gained more knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, which is always a plus and I had a lot of fun during the design process.

Todd Cook

I am a graphic designer and photographer working in Charlotte, NC. If I'm not working my day job, I can be found working on a side project or two, or in the woods somewhere.

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