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Anna Takács
October 6, 2017
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Speck is a community space concept that serves like an incubator for young and unexperienced designers. It's not a simple co-working office, more like a complex home of workshops, courses, open offices, community and courtrooms, also a pleasant environment to drop by for a coffee. A question mark sums up the young
designers who ask, an exclamation mark is for the skilled mentors who answer, and a dollar sign for the cool clients who honour their work. The whole identity is based on a fresh and playful attitude with rotatable smileys, vivid colours, clean signs, and bright QR codes.

It was a student project, the brief of a community space was given by my university. I think fresh graduates mean boosting potential with their enthusiasm and street smart attitude in the market, but the basic problem is that most of them are not aware what their work worth. When it comes to the question of writing proper contracts and how much should they charge, in most cases they feel lost and confused. Setting too low prices is harmful for the whole designer community and destructive for the trade’s prestige.
Starting a career all alone is hard indeed, but under the wings of skilled mentors and a supportive community, deepen practical knowledge with constant feedbacks, and building massive confidence is a sustainable path to choose.

Thinking about the naming was a crucial part. Basically I use the word ‘speck’ like a cheerful neologism in the identity. Originally it means a tiny piece and also spectacular: together these definitions fit perfectly to the corporate ideology. I’ve created the logo and the complement signs with a simple and straightforward mindset. I wanted to create a simple and still playful character to the identity to show an open attitude.

As for softwares I was working with the Adobe Creative Suite.

I enjoyed the whole branding process and got mostly positive feedbacks in connection with the results. I've learned from the advantages and the disadvantages of a concept project. It gives you full freedom, but you don't experience that it comes real the time you finished the branding process.

Anna Takács

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