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Spoiler Poster Collection by Dawid Frątczak

Spoiler Poster Collection by Dawid Frątczak

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July 3, 2015

Spoiler Poster Collection by Lemon Sky J. Walter Thompson Art Director - Dawid Frątczak is a series of movie posters containing the ending of famous movies. See his minimalist take on movies like Star Wars, 300, 127 Hours and a lot more.

Some time ago I designed a movie posters collection. An irritating one. Each piece of art is a spoiler alert poster that reveals the movie ending.
Scroll down at your own risk!
-Dawid Frątczak



During one holiday I was so bored, so I watched thousands of movies. Then I realized that it would be fun to spoil those movies on a poster series.
-Dawid Frątczak




The design is kind of my style, clean, simple and very typographic. Movies are my inspiration :)
Try to make fun from all of your projects. Post everything online, even If you get bad feedback it’s okay because it's gonna make you strong. Watch a lot of movies :)
-Dawid Frątczak

About Dawid Frątczak

Dawid Frątczak is an enthusiastic Art Director based in Warsaw. He loves skateboarding, video games, watching movies and spending time with his fiance and their dog. Dawid is 'kind of a geek'.
See more of his work at Behance.

5 comments on “Spoiler Poster Collection by Dawid Frątczak”

  1. The first poster of darth vader is my favourite, best dad in the world tag made me chuckle! Very well done good sir!

  2. Amazing work, i would like to put them all in my wall but the 300 poster is my favorite! Great job!

  3. What an awesome concept. I love it. I was shocked to see a reference to Donnie Darko. I might have to pick that one up!

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