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Sports Complex by Yura Savitskyi

Sports Complex by Yura Savitskyi

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July 13, 2015

Sports Complex by Graphic Designer Yura Savitskyi is not your typical boring looking sports complex. Yura Savitskyi wanted to create a sports complex that is modern and will stand out with other typical sports complex, thus, his latest project. Read on to see his unique design.

Sports complex is my personal project. It is located in Lviv. I tried to use an untraditional design using concrete and parametric design. It is multifunctional which includes sports such as; handball, volleyball, basketball, boxing, gym and table tennis. It also includes other types of rooms.
-Yura Savitskyi



I tried to create something different with unusual looking for sports architecture. So I decided to design Sports complex using simple materials and forms but with parametric modeling. Nowadays parametric modeling is very popular in the world and I also try to learn it by myself. Also, it is my first object in which I used a parametric script. My inspiration, I suppose is parametric. It is such cool but difficult feature to learn. In my opinion, this made my to design this project.
-Yura Savitskyi


Always try something new and improve your skills in anything. This will help you in your work and new ideas.
-Yura Savitskyi

About Yura Savitskyi

Yura Savitskyi is a 22-year-old architect and artist working as a freelancer from Lviv, West Ukraine. He recently graduated from National University Lviv Polytechnic. He loves to work with interesting and difficult projects in architecture sphere. Yura Savitskyi's also a fan of 3D world. In April 2015, he became a finalist in CANactions 2015 Youth competition with his project "Architecture Environment Design of Central square in Chernivci ". See more of his work at Behance.

2 comments on “Sports Complex by Yura Savitskyi”

  1. Wow, I've never seen a sports complex this modern. Looks great and futuristic. I think sports complex should not just be mere building but also a piece of art that people can admire. Great job, Yura!

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