Spring flowers

Spring is a beautiful time to find color inspirations. I wanted to practice drawing flowers as well. So I decided to start my spring girls series, featuring the cool flowers I’ve been seeing pop around me. All in all she is one of many girls I plan to draw and animate.

I park underneath cherry blossom trees when I go to work , and when I’m printing artwork I can’t help but look out the window and admire the blossoming flowers. Also I wanted to share the cool flowers I’ve been noticing around my neck of the woods.

I normally start with a pencil drawing, scan it and clean it up in Photoshop. Later I open up illustrator and start my vector work. This time I worked with 2 layers to distinguish between the girls line art and the floral line work. It made it easier when layering on color and texture. Also when creating the frames in illustrator it becomes easier to export as jpgs or pngs. For animation in Photoshop.

I learned to work with a brighter and lighter color palette. Normally I work with darker tones and more saturated colors. But people liked seeing something a little more light and calming. I also learned to create the animation with only 3 frames in illustrator.

Enjoy spring and don’t be afraid to lighten up your color palette.

Karina Lopez

Hello, Im Karina Lopez, Illustrator and graphic designer.