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Star Grid Posters by Mark Brooks

Star Grid Posters by Mark Brooks

Stephen Malapote
June 17, 2015

Star Grid patterns as a style of illustration is a clever method in re imagining ideas and people. Today we feature a work by Mark Brooks, a successful designer all the way from Barcelon Spain.

The Star Grid posters are a series of prints which feature relevant figures and characters from recent history and whose personality and values match SantaMonica ľs brand philosophy in one way or another. The portraits featured in the posters are created by arranging stars on a grid, the amount of which is defined by the color density of the original image. The final result creates an interesting effect which invites the viewer to interact with the artwork for the more one distances himself from the image, the sharper it gets.

-Mark Brooks








About the Designer

Mark is a graphic designer and art director from Barcelona. He Moved to New York and worked as a designer until 2010. Now he has established his studio in Barcelona where he works on numerous advertisement projects.

3 comments on “Star Grid Posters by Mark Brooks”

  1. Can't believe what I just saw. This is art and creativity on steroids. While appreciating the artwork on its own, I only feel astonishment by imagining the amount of work which Mark Brooks would have undertook to create this. Truly amazing. I have shared this with all my friend too, and they too were as impressed as me. Work of a genius!

  2. I have no words to appreciate this art. I mean how can you imagine all that. That's quite an innovative art I must say. It's like binary number system used in computers.

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