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Star Ice Cream Scoop

Star Ice Cream Scoop

Odiist Design
May 2, 2019
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Star is the new ice cream scoop Odiist designed for EAT Shine. We designed a star stamp on the scoop that will leave a mark of star on the ice cream. This time, we make it even easier to use. You don’t even have to move your finger. All you have to do is grip tight and let loose.

We observed users’ behavior and using habits, discovering that people tend to grasp the grip tighter to dig up the hard ice. Therefore, we designed Star according to this intuitive behavior to safe the effort of users and detach the sticky ice cream from the scoop.

As easy to use as the previous scoop, Star looks more interesting and fun to use. The scoops are made of non-stick Aluminum alloy with special coating, and all the other parts are made of food grade stainless steel. Stars of vivid colors give out a sense of light-hearted and joy while the metallic ones looks classy and posh.

The product has been presented on international trade shows and received positive responses. People like the light and bright atmosphere of the scoop which fit the delightful dessert well. We look forward to having this product available in the market soon.

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One comment on “Star Ice Cream Scoop”

  1. Now this is something I want to buy. Really like your idea of using the grip as a release mechanism. It's the opposite of typical ice cream scoops but so much more intuitive.

    PS: Would be helpful to see see some pictures of ice cream with the star stamp.

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