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Stara Sokolova Traditional Oak Aged Rakija

Stara Sokolova Traditional Oak Aged Rakija

Nebojsa Matkovic
August 3, 2016
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I was commissioned by Nordeus to design a limited edition packaging for Stara Sokolova, traditional oak aged rakija.
Nordeus often rebrand existing products on the market to make them more fun and they are mostly gifts for their employees, business partners... So, basically this one cannot be find on the market.

Nordeus is a gaming company and I wanted to create something not so market oriented but still to remain in the frames of distilled beverage industry.
Stara Sokolova is the name of the drink which means Old Falcon's so I played with that... made an illustration of an old Serbian shaman that carry the spirit of a falcon. This drink is distilled only on a moonlight which was a perfect way to use Nordeus logo on the top of the box.
For colors I used Nordeus official brand colors and to make it more fancy just added gold foil and UV gloss.

In most projects I use adobe photoshop, illustrator and wacom cyntiq tablet.
Illustration was created in photoshop using tablet and label was created in illustrator. I find illustrator to be much more easy going when you need to rotate, resize, move elements.

Generally feedback is good, people like it. I cannot say that I learned anything new, just stood with basic principles and that is to relax and have fun while designing. In the making process it was interesting to hear opinions from awesome illustrators that work for Nordeus.

Nebojsa Matkovic

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living and working in Novi Sad Serbia

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