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STAY - Justin Bieber, The Kid LAROI [FANART]

STAY - Justin Bieber, The Kid LAROI [FANART]

Christian Pawlack
October 2, 2021
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Fanart from the "STAY" song cover, by The Kid Laroi (AKA Charlton K.). Light, Composition, Pose, and Collor pallete Studies. Stay Tunned to know more! 0)0)

Alright so, where do i even begin? I found out about this song STAY a few weeks ago and been listening on repeat for HOURS, h*ck, even DAYS, REALLY, is SO GOOD, i really recommend you guys go check it out (the vibes are just-- immaculate.). I was listening through the Music Video on youtube, and i got recommended the full audio version (witch i just recentlly discovered while browsing--- but anyway--) and i was just STUNNED by the cover. The pose-- The Lights- The colours-- I JSUT--- I WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED??? I was really looking for something new to draw, far from the usual front face drawings, and i just love drawing lights and-- i just HAD TO. Immidiatly fell in love. It was the perfect opportunity to try out new things that i've meaning to try! Like textures, Particles, shading/lighting techiques, and depth!

I'm glad that i've choose to keep that ideia up. It wasnt exactly a replica, because there were more blue in my version than the original one, witch had a lot of cyan / turquoise, and the red/orange contrast-- after the inking, i was basically by myself there. Had already made a completly different pallete then i expected. I took exactly (or so) three weeks to complete the piece, witch were caused by 2 factors, 1 i was in exam week, so i spent 2 weeks non stop studying, and i pratically did this in one week, the 2 is my computer. I do 100% of my artworks in my notebook, and it doesnt have much memory, so it was a big fight regarding the rendering. Still don't know how i managed to put it all togheter without losing a bit-- ANYWAY.
The inking and the sketching process was INCREDIBALLY SMOOTH, like, no joke-- The only part i starded to have """""an issue"""" was the coloring. Like i said, i LOVE to draw lighting, but this was a different challenge--- I starded by the base colors in the face, ok, everything was cool, but then i starded to add the base highlights and it looked--- wacky. idk it just looked out of place, took almost a DAY trying to figure out what was wrong, but thankfully, my brother, his boyfriend, and one friend helped me out on this. I kept going with a bit of frustration, but in the end, somehow i got it, still don't know how, but i did. And that's why i encourage every artist to do this. Always try to improve, To make it better, To figure it out what is the problem. And not just about art. Its an advice from life in gerenal x3
(Also sparckles)

I'm looking forward to hear everybody's perspective of the FanArt! Havent heart anybody's opinion yet, but i'm starting a new instagram account, and i'm really waiting for an interaction!
I did learn a few things from it.
1- my computer is wackyer then i thought
2- Always try to make things better; even if they feel like a lost cause.

I'm opening new accounts on
-Deviant Art!
Is you already have an account in any of this medias, Make sure to check me out! My user name will be tagged bellow!
Don't forget to follow me on my existing social medias! =3

Thank you for reading all the way!

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