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Stereo Minds

Stereo Minds

Thiago neumann
May 19, 2017
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This work was for the group Stereo minds, which is a group specializing in electronic music. The illustration was intended to present their new brand in the annual Rio Music Conference, which is the largest conference of this market in Latin America.

The idea came out after they saw my poortfolio on Behance and they pointed out one of my work that they were looking for the illustration that would fit with the new brand of stereo minds, that was an image that mixed illustration and lettering on my portfolio : Https://, the scene of a punk person surrounded by the lyrics of the music he bawled in a hallucinatory manner.
On the Stereo minds illustration, it was going to have the same spirit, but with the elements of the electronic atmosphere and the various expressions that surrounds the universe of electronic music around the character. So, the person was going to be dancing in a serene, contemplative mood, flowing with the sound. the Illustration also had the role of including each group of the electronic universe. It Could not be totally eletronic or totally trance, It had to go through different styles.

In this situation, I shortened some steps that I like to extend in order to learn more from the process because of the tight deadline.
initially, I started researching peoples' scenes dancing at electronic parties, then I could feel more immersed into the parties atmosphere, besides the search for bodily movement that conveyed the spirit of it. After that I went through the researched photo, I shorten the work through the sketches by the most interesting pose, with some selected photos of people dancing in electronic parties. I looked for interesting corporal gestures, gestures like position for the hands, Arms and trunk, interesting movements for the body of the central figure. After thatI began the sketches using the details from reference picture to the central figure, after sketching the paper, digitizing the first sketch and drawing some variations of Pose and clothes of the character already using photoshop and cintiq wacon. So, I decide with the contractor which of the alternatives was most appropriate. then from that began the finalization using photoshop and cintiq for the execution of the image, in this case, we opt for a Darker background to the scene, That was the way how I could bring the electronic parties atmosphere, and the rest of the neons elements.

I ve heard that it was well accepted by the contractors. After this project I was able to learn a little bit more about the electronic universe, to understand groups, types and tribes a little better. Now I can go a little deeper into sound differences and vocabulary. And this is something that illustration always offers me

they should enjoy it cause who is this robust blind man who carries us on his shoulders

thiago neumann

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