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Strange Character's

Strange Character's

Ariunbold Ankhaa
October 28, 2016
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The project wasn't limited to single idea but focused more on different and unique ideas. Some of my works illustrated issues in our community. Even my works are illustrated colorful, the idea behind them tries to raise issues in our community.To deliver my works to people in effective ways, I use colors as a key.

I find my ideas in my mind first and draw it on papers then start it illustrator and next step is making a clean line work on illustrator and then I make base color, after that I add some shadows and light's.

First, I find the idea in my mind and draw it on papers and convert it to illustrator. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But now it's interesting and using some new program it's called Affinity it's very clean fast and very easy to use if you interesting here is link "" It is easier for me to draw the general idea first. FYI: It is easier for me to draw the general idea first.

I believe people would be interested in odd works like mine. Overall, I got positive message's from the people. Most of them like the color, idea and illustration project and I am really appreciate they like it.
I’ve always interested illustration that's why i'm learning and process for myself as well.

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Ariunbold Ankhaa

UI/UX, Interaction,Illustration and Web designer. From Mongolia

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