Strasse Residential

These are 3D render images done for an architectural studio contest Project. The main Project consists of residential lofts building with a modern design and ideas into it with a great finished materials. This project was for the client Gnadinger Architects.

The idea for the 3d render image began always with an initial brainstorm and sketching ideas on paper then I began with the 3d scene illumination and mood tests until I´m satisfied with the overall light and colors I began to with some composing elements tests to find the best composition.

I use 3d studio max as 3d software where I do all the work ( modeling, lighting, materials and render) then I use corona render as render engine and finally when I got the image rendered I do all the post-production in the Photoshop where I correct something and I give the final color grading into the image.

I got a really nice feedback from the people in general, we got feedback from community, from social media websites as facebook page, twitter, etc because I already have a big list of followers there and of course from the clients. We always learn something in all the projects we do.

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Sérgio Merêces

My name is Sergio Merêces and I’m 35 years old, I’m portuguese and I live in Evora / Lisbon Portugal, I being in 3d visualizations for the past ten years, I have worked on national and international projects for both architectural and non architectural practices. I have focused my skills on architectural visualizations.