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Street Chef - Your Food Truck Locator by David Souery

Street Chef - Your Food Truck Locator by David Souery

Honey Adraque
July 30, 2015

You don’t know what to eat for lunch? You are craving for some sweets? The project Street Chef is here to help you find great food trucks by different criteria, but also to see their menu and easily order your food. Read on and enjoy!

I decided to name the app ; Street Chef. I thought that was a perfect fit for the world of urban food, and the logo represent a mix between the city and a chef’s hat.As soon as you open street chef you will be geolocated, and the app will propose you all the food trucks around you ranked by distance. Thanks to the mini-header change the research criteria, and ranked them also by price range, ratings, and of course locate them on the map. Then easily choose a food truck, and access its page where you can see the main informations, their menu and of course order your food.

- David Souery


Before designing the app, i had to go through the structuring process. This kind of app provides the users so many informations that it must be very clear and easy to use for them to really enjoy the experience. Want i wanted to do was design an app simple to use and user-friendly.

- David Souery



Today we live in a visual world. That’s why for the design part, i wanted to put forward the food trucks branding, because they usually have a very unique and fresh graphic identity. I also thought that aesthetic pictures should be part of the menu.

- David Souery



To be honest, after almost three hard working months on this project, i was quite happy to be finished with it, but also satisfied of what i had produced. Where did i find inspiration ? As a designer, curiosity and passion are essential to create innovative and beautiful projects. Be aware of everything you can see, hear and feel. Be curious, search for new things, new sensations. Look around and always try to improve what you do. As Steve Job said once; "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

- David Souery



About David Souery

David Souery is a 22 year old senior student in Advertising and Digital Creation at the College of Advertising and Design in Brussels, Belgium. All thanks to his studies, he is now polyvalent and able to work in several fields like Advertising Conception, Digital Creation (UI/UX/Web Design), Graphic Design, Packaging Design and also Branding Identity. In a close future, he sees himself working in a top agency maybe in the United States, or somewhere else across the world since he really enjoy travelling and discover new things. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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