Street Style

The “street style” project refers to street fashion, street aspect and modern expanse. It’s a bit of a present –day lifestyle. Photoshoot was made for Polish famous blogger called ‘Siostry Adihd’. We are in a postmodern city of Łódź in Poland.

The most important thing in photoshoot were obviously clothes but I also suppose a great value represents the place. I thought about new railway station because I’m so focused on the minimalism of architecture besides I believe in harmony in the frame.

To be honest the whole photo session lasted only 30 minutes. As always I worked on canon 5d mark III and 24-70 lens. Then I used Adobe Lightroom to develop the photos. I always pay great attention to contrast correction and noise, too. This makes the photos magazines’ look.

I got a lot of positive comments from my followers, and what is more important I found my client speechless with delight . In every project I learn something new. This one showed me that although you have 30 minutes you can do a great job and it is often more important to know a person better than take only a picture.

Karolina Paluszkiewicz

Polish photographer based in Poland, working also in London.
Focused on fashion and portrait photography.