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StreetMob by Esteban Oliva

StreetMob by Esteban Oliva

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October 2, 2015
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Food truck has been very popular in a lot of countries. It somehow revitalized the culture of eating outside and meeting people. Esteban Oliva's StreetMob is a simple iPhone app about food-truck events in Spain, it maintains a catalog of food trucks and tracks trucks on a live map. The app contains a lot information about the events and a map in mobile form that will provide you vital stuff about the food truck.



I’ve worked closely with StreetMob's founder Mercedes Winberg, what is very important to obtain exactly what the customer needs. We have tried to reflect the spirit of the "Food Trucks" culture, the possibility of enjoying meal outdoors. Also, they offer a Food Trucks customization service, so we have tried to transmit the retro style of their trucks as well. Our brief was focused on a simple, cute, likable and retro style. Finally, we have chosen a friendly greenish blue and a soft grey for the colors scheme.
-Esteban Oliva




I always try to keep the design style very clean and simple, and I consider it important to give a funny touch to the project whenever it fits with the brand essence.
-Esteban Oliva

About Esteban Oliva

Esteban Oliva studied Graphic Design in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and worked there in an advertising agency (MS Agency) for five years. He was employed for Zed, a multinational digital entertainment, in their “creative area” five years ago until 2014. He then started to work as a freelancer that he’s really happy about. He tries to keep his design style as simple and clean as well as he likes to give a funny touch when it is possible. He focuses on branding, logos, stationary, infographics, posters, covers, etc. Currently, he has his own “clients list” that he is working with some nice projects. You can check some of Esteban’s works on his Behance.

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