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Stricker Happy: A Series

Stricker Happy: A Series

John Norman Santos
October 13, 2021
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STICKER HAPPY is a series of digital illustrations, born in the idea behind the fun in putting stickers on items to make it look more appealing. Adorning bad imagery with vibrant colors and fun stickers doesn't change the fact that they are bad.

I've come across portraits that have models adorned with stickers on their faces but their expression would be blank. The dichotomy of between the "happy" stickers and the "sad" person is what mainly inspired these artworks. Having this idea led me to think of specific situations where in we "fool" ourselves into thinking that things will be alright as long as we stay positive. (which isn't always the case.) I decided to interpret these situations in a surrealistic way and used vibrant colors because i think it adds to the dichotomy.

I used Clip Studio Paint Pro with all the artworks. I start my process with thinking of specific situations, how it feels, and how I'd interpret them. Often times I would just draw it straight ahead but there are times where I'd make small studies first in my sketchbook. I made these artworks in the span of two weeks - sketching each idea first before coloring them.

so far, It's received well! This project is initially for an exhibit curation subject in my school and my professor mentioned how my works have potential. I've yet to post it on my social media but i will soon.

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John Norman Santos

Digital illustrator based in Manila, Philippines

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