STS (Smart Touch Solutions )

its a software house company which targeting digitize ads through VR , Motion capture and AR gaming
trying to re-branding there company after 6 years in the market with the been known for one size fit all company and repeating there work
that company wanted to change that idea about themselves make it my job to make what would be a changing game new identity

the company name is smart touch and they asked me to re brand the company
they have been in work for 6 years and they’ve become number 2 company in the country in their field so i felt they need the elegant touch and simplicity which put them in a new level of recognition that when break font family came

and for the main event the S logo the idea is representing smart word and how it’s contained in the company touch and there contribution to the advertisement world

colors are the transition process from orange ( strong bold ) to violet ( elegance )

Adobe Illustrator i wrote a S letter from in Roboto Font and then using the pen tool to complete it as a fingerprint
to make it what it would be a fingerprint like if it built around a (S) letter
then using the cutting tool to make it more fingerprint alike with simplicity using the idea from apple fingerprint icon
and then i took out the S from it and with it what can make the S a part from the fingerprint
using the golden ratio to give it the visual satisfaction

last the color using the gradient tool from violet to orange taking in consideration that the color would start and end in the whole fingerprint which means the S letter would only show a part from the color

what i wished and expected when i accepted that project
not trying to brag but actually i got a standing ovation from the CEO and marketing team
According to STS company they have raised there price tag since the re-branding due how much elegance they made out of it

Ahmed Gomaa