Studio Chair

Studio chair is a simple furniture which is designed for college design studios.The focus of this project was to design a chair which can also accommodate students bag as it was observed that student’s bags are either lying on the ground or are kept on table which reduces their work space on table. The form of furniture is visually light and follow minimalist principle of design.

The idea was to provide space for bags by using the form of the chair itself. In this chair you can hang bag at the back which is easily accessible while working. I tried to incorporate the functional aspect of storing/hanging the bag by playing with the structural form of the chair i.e mild steel pipe.The continuous form of M.S pipe gives it elegant look as well solves the purpose.
The material proposed for seat is polypropylene because it is lightweight, durable and available in different colors.Alternatively, flexiply can also be used. Black polished mild steel pipe is used for the continuous form of the legs.

One of most widely used 2D applications by professionals, and students alike, is “Autodesk AutoCad. So all the working drawings are done in Autocad only. Google sketchup is used for modelling and rendering is done in Keyshot. The model is made using HIPS material by heat bending method and 3mm metal rod used for legs.

The challenge for this particular project was providing a space for bag but at same time keeping it simple.Playing with different materials and trying different forms gives you more understanding and helps to provide efficient solution for the problem.The chair is made keeping in mind ergonomics of the chair.

Navreet Kaur

I am an Interior Space & Furniture designer pursuing M.Des from, MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I am a diligent worker with a keen visual eye. I enjoy exploring different
materials,textures and forms. I am constantly inspired by
forms found in nature. I believe designing is a never-ending process which goes on continuously trying to make
life easy. I also believe in learning by doing.As a designer, I always tried to give an efficient solution for any problem.