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Studio XO

Mohamed Samir
December 18, 2019
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A collection of isometric illustrations that shows the different aspects of the work in a today's design studio (Studio XO). These aspects include Research & Strategy, Resourcing, Communication, Engineering & Innovation, Finance and Design. The project is a personal initiative and part of my yearly exploratory projects.

To know more about the project, please visit:

The idea is trying to illustrate the busyness of the daily work in a design studio or an agency. The colours were chosen to reflect that busyness while the wild composition of all the elements shows how quickly the design processes have been evolved during the past decade in the design world.

Adobe Illustrator is the main tool that has been used in all the phases. The project started as a concept then moved to a design phase. The design phase included building compositions and colouring then layouting and working on the project logo.

The project has got good feedback so far from the design community. The positive feedback was mainly on colours, art direction and the concept respectively. I wanted to test something a bit different in terms of art direction from what I've been focusing on lately with all the typography projects. And I am glad that the feedback was positive.

To see more exploration from the designer, visit his instagram account:

Mohamed Samir

Mohamed Samir is a multidisciplinary designer. He started as an Engineer and a freelance designer before becoming head of design for a local startup in Egypt. From 2014 to 2018. he was appointed Senior Designer at IMPACT BBDO in Dubai and Fabrique in Amsterdam. Mohamed now works as a Senior Product Designer at Apple.

Mohamed has been recognized by several national and international awards varies between branding, typography, poster and print design. Most notably a D&AD pencil, two Cannes lions, two gold pencils at “The One Show Awards” in the U.S. and six prizes at Lynx Awards. His work has been profiled in publications like Adobe, DesignWeek, Typeroom, Underconsideration, AIGA, IDI, Fubiz, Design Crowd and others.

Mohamed’s worked for various clients from startups to multinational large scale projects, most importantly the branding of Nike’s world largest store in Dubai, Fast Company, Visa, Pepsi, Mercedes, Mars, J&J etc.

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