iflix has recently launched a new internal studio capability currently called ‘Studio2:15’. This studio needs to be attached to the iflix brand but also to be able to operate as it own separate entity. Was given this task to propose a branding that suits the studio best. Note: This proposal is decided not to proceed.

As the audience is targeted towards younger group of people in a range of 18-30, I have proposed to use unexpected combination of colours and visuals to reperesent the youthful, rebellious, pop-culture centric side of visual approach. Due to this era when people use shortcuts for their message, I use the flipped 2 instead of S of STUDIO2:15. The letter ‘t’ as a + sign is the growing need to create.

Adobe Creative Suites which include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Based on the brief, I was told to propose a logo and other supporting visual elements for the brand identity. I worked closely with the head copywriter, Adriana.

When this branding is presented to a group of people, they felt fresh and unexpected by the daring colour combinations in a positive way. As from this project, I wanted to show the daring side of youth. Youth is – when we care free, – when we dare to explore, juxtapose, create, fail and repeat.

Janet Wong

Junior Art Director at iflix.