Sub-01 | Playground Ride – Public Space

SUB-01 is a piece intended for public parks and playgrounds. The objective is to explore the more didactic side of these same spaces, inserting pieces that transmit to the children another type of visual stimulation and also interactive components with familiar images and textures. The main objective is to explore the interactive process between children and object and promote the fun side of the public space.

This idea came as complementary project of my masters degree thesis ” The Interactive Process Between People and Object – An opportunity for social and cultural dynamization of the urban public space.”.

All the materials, colors, shapes and sizes were developed with the porpose of enhancing the sensorial experience of the user. To create a more constructive interactive enviroment.

To create this project I used Solidworks, Keyshot and the good old fascioned pencil and paper. It began has a simple idea of I wanted to have on a playground myself when I was young. From there I developed, with the help of concepts that I had researched for my thesis, what I tought wood be a new and creative experience for kids. So I created SUB-01 wich is basically a playground submarine, where kids can have personal their adventures and “live” out of a computer screen. The location can also play a big part in the percepion of the object since all public spaces have a diferente sensorial enviroment.

With this project been only a concept the reaction was mainly visual but positive. It helped me in my process to understand the interactive process in the public space and was a good complemente for my thesis. I hope it can be more than a concept in a near future.

Nuno Machado

My name is Nuno Machado and I have a Degree in Industrial Design and a Master Degree in Art and Design for the Public Space. This page was created with the purpose of promoting and publicizing my work in the field of Industrial Design. The merging of a inovative approach with new ideas and processes is my thing.