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Sudan Residential Complex

Sudan Residential Complex

Nada Elhadedy
July 5, 2017
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A luxurious residential project in Sudan , the project consist of two towers ( a private residence 8 Floors and a luxurious hotel 14 floor ) , on a total plot area 1300 M2 , with a direct view to the Nile river

our goal was to achieve the best possible usage of the land in merging the three different projects in one homogeneous form yet maintain each project’s separated identity , privacy setting and functional efficiency .Through the following steps .1/ 1- Dividing the project into four separate buildings 2/ 2-Fixing building’s orientation for the maximum Nile view 3/ 3- Applying the project program to the model and creating a various buffer zones .
When applying the project program to the floors we highly considered the privacy level for the private residence so we placed it in the right side and provide it with a completely separate entrance .
We also considered the high level of privacy through the higher floor by placing the four towers penthouses on top of the private penthouse to provide it with shade and complete privacy

First stop was sketching a conceptual ideas in paper, then I tested the scale and ratio using auto cad. After modified the sketch into software elevation I begin the modeling using 3ds max then rendering it using vary and editing the color using Photoshop and the plugin color pro. Finally, I prepared the project in details using in-design for presentation.

i was an overall nice respond with useful feedback regarding the cost and efficiency , but the design still in the conceptual process there will be further more work and modification after we carefully study . it was a collaborative team effort , with a very interesting and inspiring ideas , and insights .

Nada Elhadedy

An Architecture Designer , experienced in provide a new vision for contemporary architecture & planning , Through optimizing the project potential whether its ( functional , aesthetic ,economic , or cultural .

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