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Weronika Kosinska
November 5, 2019

Beauty story "Summer Minimalism" focuses on the natural beauty of the skin. I wanted to show the summer heat through warm, natural images. It was April, but the weather was wonderful and very sunny, so I used only natural light, which I love the most in photography.

Actually, the first idea was totally different, but we started creating it and soon it turned out we have to change everything and start over. We decided to use daylight and bright sun to our advantage and shot light, natural beauty story.

I took my shots with Canon EOS 5D IV as well as analog Canon EOS 30, using both Canon and Sigma lenses. I worked on my digital images in Capture One Pro. I barely retouched them, as I love natural skin and I hope beauty industry will start to show more and more of it.

Our story was very well received. It was published with an article presenting how to take care of the skin in the summer and let it breathe. People loved the colours, closeups and the natural beauty I wanted to capture.

Weronika Kosinska

I take mainly beauty and fashion photography, recently I’m also exploring the art of making short films. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with hair beauty and I have a pleasure to work with great hair stylists from all over the world. I’m always seeking beauty in the world, I’m passionate about photographing women.

I am based in Warsaw, Poland. However I am willing to travel wherever my work would require to.

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