Summer Thoughts

This was about friendship, summer, Algarve and a great house with a pool, so basically this was a project about opportunity, I had my muse with me, a great house and we mixed those thing in to this great project. It hasn’t anything more to say about it. Just the combination of the first thing Summer brings you.

I had a previews look of the pool and I know the model for a while, so I had a cap and the glasses at home, and all mixed was just party and shoot. What made me choose everything about the project was the things I had, and what I could do with them.

So my tools are always the same, my eyes to find the best frame, my camera to catch the light, and the computer/photoshop to edit my art. I just changed some colors in the photoshop, and made little cleaning in the captures. I think that’s the secret, never too much.

People responde very well, even a magazine published the project, so my greater lesson from this project was: “wait, the best it’s always reachable” You have to train and learn, and then one day you will be ready for the world.

Never Give Up Your Dreams, and if you want to follow them, train e study for them!

Nuno Pinheiro

I’m from Algarve, i have been photographing ever since i discovered the magic that can be done in the darkroom.I took my photography degree in the polytechnic institute of Tomar, where in four years i studied various Technics and concepts from many masters of photography. I’ve been working hard to improve my craft.

In photography what interests me the most is the human body, the way it can tell a story. Using my camera I can show that everyone has a different story to tell.

Nowadays i’m looking for collaborations with other artists to develop and create more art.