Susita Branding by Belinda Love Lee

Belinda Love Lee took inspiration from her client’s personality and needs in making this project. She also put edge coloring and letterpress effect which made this project fresh and beautiful. This amazing artist described her work as whimsical,minimal and quirky designs. Read on and see her fresh design!

This project is for my client, Susie Coakley. It took about one month to finish this.

– Belinda Love Lee


I took inspiration from my client’s needs and the personality that she wanted to carry through out her business. Since ‘Susita’ as a company is an expression of her self, it was important that the branding also spoke directly of her own characteristics.

– Belinda Love Lee



I designed the logo using just a plain old pencil, then for the light blue wash behind the logo this was done with gouache paint. Afterwards I imported it onto the computer and cleaned it up using Adobe Illustrator.

– Belinda Love Lee



My advice to aspiring artists it to just start creating work, and sharing it online. That’s how I got started and it’s literally changed my life!

– Belinda Love Lee


Belinda Love Lee, runs a design and illustration studio from Cardiff, UK. She specializes in branding, hand lettering and illustrations. All her work is usually a combination of all three aspects. To sum up her style in a few words it would be whimsical and, quirky meets minimal, and well designed of course!

See more of her artwork on Behance and her website.