Suspicious (study+workflow)

This project is basically a study for colors, lights, proportions, trying to catch the emotions and using colors and lights to give that feeling of Suspicion and fear.. It’s hard to give it a title on the first stages as I work with the flow.. and in this artwork I named it after I was done – really I feel it more Suspicious.

Usually I study and research well for the right reference to study from and the ability to highlight what I see and what I can spot and make the people see. So, it wasn’t until really the end that I decided to name the project – which was Suspicious šŸ™‚

My wacom tablet, photoshop and laptop/pc. Well, I searched for my inspiration and when I reach it I did it ? Sure I love to go with concept behind my work artists study to learn more about lights and proportions and colors .. I love to do that also I love to put my touch to my paintings which appears in most of them.. love to see the different I could do and what I can reach.. every time it become a new challenge for me also it’s a great challenge

It was great really ? I think I was thinking right when I called it Suspicious:D Most of my fans are on Facebook and Behance .. I was shocked by the comments and how they respond to the final artwork this is what makes me go on and I was really happy .. but I still have many and many to learn.. I wake up every day thinking new and hope that lead me to be better every day.

Love you all fam, thank you!

ahmed karam

Hi.. my name is Ahmed Karam ..

iam a Digital Artist (senior visual artist & illustrator ) from Egypt

i started in the field of gfx since 2011 till now as a retoucher then as illustrator i worked as a 3d modeler for a while and get back to my older job as a 2d artist … my style mixes every thing and no limits i mix between drawing and manipulating and retouching to deliver the best of my art works …

programs are tools and we the ones who makes art ..

feel free to contact me for different commissions on +2 01021650127