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SWAN Office/Living Room Chair

SWAN Office/Living Room Chair

Baptiste Maingon
February 23, 2018
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l SWAN is at the crossroads of two paths. This chair is taking place between the world of relaxation and the more dynamic world of work. Velvety lines but inscribed in its landscape, SWAN fits perfectly in refined and honest environments. Instead of looking like its peers, SWAN does not go in with typical backrest. Unlike others, it cares and supports only the two essential parts of the back; the lumbars and the top of the dorsi muscles.

Baptiste Maingon came up with the idea of redefining what is a conventional chair.
"The concept behind this project was to propose a new way to support the back using a crosswise bentwood piece".
Indeed, unlike any other chair, SWAN chair focuses on holding the two essential parts of the back : lumbars and dorsi-muscles (top of the back) thanks to this bentwood part on the backrest.

From inspiration and sketch ideation to 3D and renderings, several softwares have been used to render SWAN project pictures including : Rhinoceros V5, Keyshot and Photoshop. This project creativity is the result of two notions association : chair + swan, adding consideration for what has never been made with any other chair : proposing a movable bentwood back rest supporting lumbars.

Comments and thoughts about SWAN chair are welcome if anyone of our readers have some. Until now, feedbacks have been positive all the way long, with interesting thoughts about how to improve the concept.
Although Miio Creative Studio (明优设计) is currently in touch with several manufacturers to develop SWAN chair in a industrial way, Miio Studio is always looking for potential partners to develop and distribute it.
We wish to develop this chair for a mid-high-end market.

Please, your support in design field is something crucial for designers and agencies.
If you appreciate the project, please check it out, share it and like it on Behance :
Thank you !

Baptiste Maingon

Industrial designer & Co-founder, Director of Miio Studio (明优设计)
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